About Us

Established for over 20 years, The Flower Yard, London is located just off the famous Kings Road in Chelsea. We are a nationwide florist and deliver to all locations within the UK with same day delivery to most London postcodes. We believe in offering you the highest standard in arrangements, creating innovative, modern and classic florist designs using only the freshest Dutch flowers. The Flower Yard is a real London florist where we are all passionate about our trade. We don’t churn out bunches from a factory powered by city investors - we are local florist creating beautiful designs based on what we love and what our customers love.


The Flower Yard is the heartbeat of Chelsea, located just seconds off the upmarket Kings Road in London. The Flower Yard, Chelsea has been established since 2006 with the business originally set up in 1998 by it's proprietor and creative talent, Robert Coughlin.

The Flower Yard is synonymous with quality and perfection using creative technique and flair to meet every customers' needs. Fresh, Dutch flowers are bought direct from the Netherlands and Covent Garden market every day to ensure the best quality.

A variety of style and design can be easily achieved through traditional, contemporary and innovative techniques ranging from beautiful hand-tieds to decorative arrangements.

The Flower Yard prides itself on exceptional customer service and a personal and friendly experience. We strive to exceed your expectations.

We have an interest in meeting your urgent needs with special same day delivery and reliable international delivery services.


We currently hold a variety of flower contracts around London. We regularly deliver and design flower arrangements for high profile corporate clients including private houses, major retail outlets, media companies and throughout the creative and hospitality industry.

Our client base has included Neal’s Yard, Agnes B, Chelsea Design Week, Lilievere and high profile celebrities.. If you would like to set up a flower contract with us in London please contact 0207 351 5250


The Flower Yard have extensive experience in providing flowers for events, weddings and functions. Anything is possible so please get in touch to discuss concepts with Robert on 0207 351 5250 

Flower Care

We all love to receive flowers and so to help you enjoy your gift for as long as possible, there are a number of easy steps that you can follow to ensure the longevity of your arrangement.

  1. Before placing the flowers in a vase/container it is advisable to cut the stem of each flower with a sharp knife and remove about 2-3cms from the end. Cutting with a knife as opposed to secateurs or scissors will create a larger area ensuring maximum uptake of water. It is also a good idea to remove any leaves which will be below the water before placing in a vase.
  2. Vases/Containers - It is very important that the flowers are placed into a clean vase to prevent any bacteria affecting the flowers. Gerberas in particularly last longer when placed in a clean container.
  3. Water -You may be surprised at the amount of water that flowers require to remain healthy. Add luke warm water to a vase/container as opposed to cold water from the tap. Keeping the water topped up every 2-3 days should be sufficient. If you have used flower food do not throw the water away, just add to the existing water. If you receive a gift where the flowers have been arranged in foam (oasis) you can keep the arrangement fresh by adding water to the oasis every 2-3 days but be careful not to add too much or you may create some spillage. Place the arrangement on a place mat to ensure protect the underlying surface.
  4. Flowers will last longer if they are displayed away from direct sunlight and draughty areas. (However if you want the flowers to open up quickly then placing the flowers in a warm room will speed this process up).
  5. Try to avoid placing flowers close to fruit, as the gasses emitted by the fruit will cause the flowers to die prematurely.

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