Get Them Whilst They Last - Peony Season Comes To An End

Posted by Robert Coughlin on

Like the blink of an eye, the Peony season comes to an end. We here at The Flower Yard have really enjoyed this year's season, welcoming back some old favourites and also seeing some new varieties for the first time. 

The classic Peony that florists have been selling for decades, Sarah Bernhart, with its pale pink, fluffy petals has always been a firm favourite. Some other lesser known but equally beautiful varieties are Angel Cheeks (pale pink), Gardinia (pale pink), Duchess De Nemo (white), Buck-eyed Bell (burgundy) and an intriguing variety called Coral Sunset. The amazing thing about this Peony is how the colour transforms through the lifecycle. Starting off life as a coral/salmon pink colour, slowly lightening to a pale pink, then to almost white and back through to pale cream and eventually ending as a deep yellow.

Christmas Velvet is a new variety that we haven't seen before, stunning large blousey heads, and Lemon Charm an ultra rare yellow Peony - so beautiful, we hope they will remain on the scene.

Christmas Velvet Peony

Lemon Charm Peony

We think there may only be a couple of weeks of Peonies left that are of decent quality and price, so go on, treat yourself. When they're gone, they're gone!


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